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You’ve had your hair all chopped off into a blunt bob, and now you miss your long hair? If you’re looking to transform your short hair using hair extensions, it’s all about blending the hair extensions with your natural hair. Your short hair doesn’t have to stop you from wearing extensions. You can still perfectly blend your extensions into your bob with a few expert hair tricks…

Section Your Hair

The easiest and best way to blend your hair extensions with short hair is to make your short sections look like layers. And don’t forget the bottom layer of your hair – when you put extensions in, it’s the lower layer of your hair that’s going to be more likely to stick out and make it obvious you have extensions in. That’s why it’s important to tuck it out of the way so that it’s not visible.

Blend Different Colours

Using different colours can make a difference when you’re blending extensions with short hair, especially if you already have multiple tones in your hair. By using two different extension colours or choosing an ombre set, rooted or balayage extensions, you can blend your extensions with your highlights and natural hair more easily, creating serious dimension. The layered effect will also help you to blend your extensions with your short hair. You’ll have more dimension and your extensions will look more natural when you use different colours.

Curl Your Extensions For Texture

Curling your hair and creating texture in your extensions is another top hair hack to help your short hair blend into your extensions. Curls and waves create volume and texture, blending your real hair and extensions together. You’ll get a more natural look by taking a curling wand to your hair, giving your hair a natural flow that looks effortless. Louise recommends Turbo Tong as the best curling tong for hair extensions.

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The highest quality hair extensions combined with Louise’s expert knowledge, application, blending and cutting skills make her one of the UK’s leading hair extension specialists.

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