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Bonded Hair Extensions

Who Are Bonded Hair Extensions For?

Keratin bonded hair extensions
keratin bonded hair extensions

Bonded hair extensions are designed as a more permanent option for adding length to already healthy hair. They are a great choice for clients who:

  • Would like a longer-lasting and more durable hair extension method
  • Need a method with fewer maintenance appointments compared to other extension types
  • Want to experiment with new colours without permanent bleach, dye or other harsh chemicals

What are pre bonded hair extensions?

bonded hair extensions

Pre bonded hair extensions are one of the more traditional hair extension methods, where the extensions are “bonded” to the client’s natural hair using a keratin formula.

The keratin is melted with either hot or cold fusion which forms into a solid bond that can last for up to 4 months. We use HairDreams 5-star and 7-star hair for our pre-bonded extensions, which is well known throughout the industry for its high quality.

Bonded extensions are best suited for those with healthy, thicker hair; since each bond needs to grip the hair firmly to stay in place for long periods of time. If your hair is extremely fine, bonded hair extensions are not suitable since the keratin attachment points can cause breakage, resulting in visible attachment points or, in the worst case, damage to your natural hair.

Tape in hair extensions are usually a better option for clients with extremely fine or short hair who want to create good overall hair coverage and thickness without affecting the health of their natural hair.

bonded hair extensions
bonded hair extensions

How We Fit Bonded Hair Extensions

bonded hair extensions

There are two ways to fit keratin bonds, a flat bond which sits flush to your head or a round bond. Both bond shapes last the same amount of time, so it’s usually down to the client’s preference; you can see which bond feels best for you during your consultation.

Before your application, your hair may need a colour touch-up, or complete change, if you’re looking for a significant transformation. If colour is required, Louise works closely with Moe Harb, who has been colouring hair since 2001, and specialises in hair colour for extensions. Moe and his team of colour experts will ensure your hair colour matches your new extensions perfectly.

The Fitting Process

On application, your hair will be sectioned, the style, thickness and length you want to achieve will determine how many bonds are needed. The exact number of bonds will be worked out during your consultation. Your natural hair will then be divided into small, isolated sections; following this, each keratin bond will be individually attached to your natural hair.

Maintaining your Keratin bond extensions

Keratin hair extensions are designed to be long lasting, they can stay in your hair for up to 4 months before needing to be removed. The quality and brand of hair you choose, how often you wash your hair, and how you care for your extensions will all depend on how long they will last.

Pre bonded hair cannot be reused, so after 3-4 months of wear they will need to be replaced. This is because the section of natural hair we isolate to fit the bonded extensions will have natural shedding, whereas the hair extension attached to it will not shed; natural hair reduces by around 10 percent each month. Meaning by month 4 you are left with only 60 percent of your natural hair supporting a bond which is the same weight. When the natural hair to bond ratio goes beyond this point, the natural hair holding the bond becomes vulnerable to damage.

How we remove keratin bond hair extensions

The removal process requires the hard keratin bonds to be crushed using an alcohol-based removal solution and pair of specialist removal pliers. The amount of time this takes will be completely dependent from client to client. But we can give you an accurate removal time during your consultation when you decide how many bonds you will have applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between round and flat bonds?

Round bonds are the more traditional method of applying bonded hair extensions, they’re quicker to apply but “squeeze” the hair together, which means it doesn’t flow in a straight direction at the bond (creating more volume). Whereas flat bonds allow the hair to flow in a straight line and lie closer to the scalp, resulting in them being harder to feel when fitted into the head.


Both bonds last the exact same amount of time; we fit both types of bonds, but flat bonds are our recommended method. In some cases, we may use a mixture of round and flat bonds depending on your individual hair type.


For an in-depth video explaining the difference between round and flat bonds click here.

Do bonded hair extensions damage your hair?

At hair extensions London our clients natural hair health is our main priority. Louise has over two decades of experience fitting bonded hair extensions and has found that bonded extensions are not the right choice if your natural hair is extremely fine or lacking density at the roots. Many salons will fit bonded extensions to fine hair but Louise has said that “over time and long-term wear, we often see slight deterioration of the natural hair when bonds are fitted to extremely fine hair types”.


When bonds are fitted to healthy, thicker hair which has adequate strength to support the small attachment points of bonded hair extensions, your hair will remain damage free, Louise uses a technique which reduces strain and tension on the clients natural hair. In fact her clients usually find that their natural hair has gotten noticeably healthier after the extensions are removed when they’re cared for properly.


To see our hair extensions aftercare guide click here.

How long do keratin bond extensions last?

Keratin extensions last for up to 4 months with expert installation and propper care. It’s important to brush your hair extensions as you would your own hair concentrating on the root area to prevent matting and dread-locking. A lot of people are afraid of brushing their hair when they have extensions in, but this is key to keeping the hair tangle-free and healthy. 


To see our hair extension aftercare guide click here.

How much do keratin bond extensions cost?

The price of keratin extensions depends on the length, thickness and the quality of hair used as well as the client’s desired end result. Keratin hair extension prices range from £400 to £4,000.


Click Here To See Our Bonded Extensions Price Guide.

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