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What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is made from 100% human hair with the cuticle still intact and aligned in the same direction since it's all from the same hair donor. So if a hair product is described as “Remy”, you can be sure that it’s not synthetic. 

Non-Remy human hair extensions are chemically processed to remove the cuticles, which are in opposite directions since the hair comes from different donors. The cuticle is then synthetically replaced with silicone to add a smooth finish that replicates the natural shine of Remy hair extensions. Unlike the natural cuticle present in Remy hair extensions, silicone degrades quickly, so with regular shampooing and hair drying, the silicone sealer will wear off. Resulting in hair that tangles easily, is dry, and looks unnatural.

Benefits of Remy Hair

  • Remy hair retains its silky texture and is resistant to matting and tangles
  • It's the most natural-looking type of hair extension
  • It has a much longer lifespan compared to synthetic hair
  • Remy hair is not easily damaged from hair dye and heat
  • The hair has a natural shine that cannot be properly replicated with synthetic hair
What is a Weft?

A weft of hair is made from a collection of individual hair strains which have been woven together into a fine strip of cloth to create a “weft”. Wefts come in many different lengths and are usually named by their weight.

Why don't you fit micro / nano ring hair extensions?

At Hair Extensions London, the health of our client's natural hair is our priority. Our team are all trained in applying and removing micro ring extensions, but we decided to stop fitting them for good in 2019.

Micro ring hair extensions have a very small attachment point compared to the amount of hair they hold. This causes high levels of tension which can damage finer hair types. Unlike other methods, the metal rings show when the hair is worn up in different styles. In addition, micro rings create a stringy and unnatural look even when applied by a highly experienced extensionist due to their small attachment area.

So, in conclusion, micro ring hair extensions are more expensive for the client, more likely to cause damage and take much longer to service without any major benefits over bonded or tape in hair extensions.

How often do hair extensions need to be replaced?

When properly cared for, bonded hair extensions need to be replaced every 3 to 4 months, while tape extensions can last up to 1 year, with maintenance appointments needed every 6-8 weeks. Whereas our clip-in extensions can last for many years, depending on how often they’re worn.

To see our hair extension aftercare guide, click here.

How often do you need to wash hair extensions?

You should wash your hair extensions as often as you need to. Although washing extensions daily can lead to deterioration of the bonds or tape-in attachment points. Louise recommends washing your hair extensions no more than three times per week to keep them in the best possible condition. Blow dry with a Regincos or similar style brush and use a nozzle on your hair dryer for a smooth finish.

Clip in hair extensions don't need to be washed as often since they don't receive as many oils from the scalp. We recommend washing your hair with the clips ins installed every 20 wears or when they become visibly unclean.

To see our hair extensions aftercare guide click here.

Can you use hair Straighteners on hair extensions?
It's completely fine to use straighteners on Remy hair extensions. But make sure to be gentle when pulling against the hair, and do not apply heat directly on the extensions attachment points, e.g. the tapes or bonds. Using hair straighteners on synthetic hair will cause the silicone to melt and ruin the extensions, which is one of the many reasons we only use Remy hair.
Can i colour my hair with extensions fitted?

Louise advises getting your colour done before your extensions have been fitted. Either by one of our experienced hair colourists or from your salon of choice.

You can still have your hair coloured with hair extensions fitted, but a specialist approach is always needed when dealing with hair colour and extensions.

If your hair grows fast or you have grey roots, Louise recommends tape in hair extensions since your colour can be applied every 6-8 weeks when your extensions are being re-fitted.

T-section colouring is also possible every 4 weeks for all extension types.

What is T-section colouring?
T-section colouring, also known as “T-section highlights”, is commonly used by those with high-contrast roots or hair that grows very quickly. It’s a colour touch-up for your roots so that they can be hidden between each full hair colour. T-setion hair colour is only possible with tape in extensions since bonded extensions usually sit closer to the crown of the head
Do I need a consultation before my service?

Yes, a consultation is always needed before having your extensions fitted so we can assess the health of your scalp and hair to see if it's safe to apply extensions.

Consultations last an average of 15 minutes, and since we have a full stock of tape in extensions available in-salon, we can begin applying your new extensions straight after your consultation is finished. Or alternatively, you can book to have your extensions fitted at a later date.

Unfortunately, we don’t hold stock of bonded extensions in our oxford circus salon. But we can have the hair available the following day if your in-salon or virtual consultation is done before 3pm.

What is the difference between hot fusion and cold fusion?

Both pliers create heat, but they use different methods to do so. Cold fusion pliers transmit ultrasonic waves that creates heat in order to melt the bond, similar to how a microwave works; whereas hot fusion is more like a soldering iron, since it directly transfers heat to melt the keratin bond.

We use both hot and cold fusion in our oxford street salon, it is completely up to the client’s preference. Although our recommended method is cold fusion.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is often referred to as glue but is actually a natural resin made from the same proteins found in your hair and nails. Keratin bond extensions have tiny pieces of keratin adhesive at the tip of the hair. Keratin is long-lasting and can only be removed with an alcohol-based solution and specialist removal tools.
How many hair extensions do I need?

The number of extensions will vary depending on the length and thickness of your natural hair to start with and the results you want to achieve. An exact number will be given to you during your in-salon consultation. We are only able to give estimates with a virtual consultation.

To see our pricing guide, click here.

How much do hair extensions cost?

The price of hair extensions will depend on the quality of hair you choose, the length / thickness of your natural hair and the number of hair extensions required to create your desired final look. For a quote, book a hair extension consultation today at our oxford circus salon, the Beauty Club. We also offer virtual consultations via facetime and WhatsApp video.

To see our hair extension pricing guide, click here.

Which extensions should I get if I have fine hair?

For finer hair types, we recommend tape in hair extensions. This is because tape extensions have a bigger attachment point compared to the amount of hair they hold, resulting in less strain placed on your natural hair.

Whereas keratin bond extensions have a much smaller attachment point which places higher levels of stress on finer hair types.

Can I go swimming with my hair extensions?

It's fine to go for a swim in sea or pool water with your tape or bonded hair extensions fitted, but it's very important that you rinse them thoroughly with tap water after you’ve finished swimming.

Chlorine and salt can cause the bonds or tape-in adhesive to break down and even discolour the extensions when left in the hair for long periods of time.

*You should always remove your clip-in extensions when going for a swim.*

Will my natural hair grow with hair extensions fitted?

Your hair should grow as usual with hair extensions applied. Louise has perfected her attachment method over the last two decades to have minimal tension on your natural hair, allowing it to grow normally.

Do you charge for consultations?

All consultations, either online or at our oxford circus salon, are free with no obligation of purchase. Meaning if you’re not 100% happy to go ahead, there is no obligation to buy the extensions.

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