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Achieving a completely natural-looking set of hair extensions requires a combination of both high-quality human hair and an impeccable colour match so that the extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair. At Hair Extensions London, we are one of the very few salons with highly experienced specialists in both Hair Colour and Hair Extensions, allowing us to create a seamless overall finish.

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Moe Harb Hair Colour

King of colour transformations, Moe Harb is renowned for his signature hair colour technique, precision colour placement and artistic ability when it comes to blending hair extensions with natural hair.

Hairdressing since he was 14, Moe is one of the only colourists in London who can highlight and tint at the same time with absolute precision. He is also an educator at Harrods hair salon, teaching his unique balayage and free-hand hair colouring techniques.

Moe, featured in the likes of Forbes Magazine, helped to develop Richy Hair and was the one who brought them to the UK. He has an envois list of high-profile clients across London, Dubai and the rest of the world who travel to have their hair coloured by him.

Moe is currently training junior hair stylists in his free-hand colouring technique, ensuring that the future generation of colourists shares his unique knowledge and passion.

Moe Harb Hair Colour
best hair colour london

Hair Colour


best hair colour london

Many clients come to see Moe and Louise with damaged hair, which is usually a result of over-processing colour or bleach that eventually leads to their hair becoming frizzy and vulnerable to breakage.

At Hair Extensions London, clients often tell us, “my hair just doesn’t grow”, but a lot of the time, it’s actually down to a long history of poor hair colouring and over-processing of heat that causes hair to stop growing optimally.

So how can you repair hair which has been damaged from colouring? When a new client comes to the salon with thinning hair that is seriously damaged, Moe and his team start them on a unique hair rehabilitation programme, which, when followed properly, guarantees six inches of hair growth within one year. They don’t call him “magic Moe” for nothing…

Hair Colour


Moe Harb and Louise’s team offer the best hair colour and extension services in London, as the two applications go hand-in-hand. Even if you already have extensions fitted, you can still have hair colour applied, but an expert approach is always needed when dealing with hair extensions to prevent damage.

A deep technical understanding of colour placement for hair extensions requires a unique skill that most hairdressers don’t generally have.

Moe and his team will never over-process the hair, which allows the top part of the natural hair to grow thick and strong while supporting the underneath of the hair holding the extensions. This is achieved with Moe and his team’s technical colour placement of highlights, baby lights, balayage or tint, as well as a blend of hair extensions to add colour.

At Hair Extensions London, you can still have your usual full head of colour every 4-6 weeks without removing your hair extensions.

This is an extremely skilled process that needs to be done correctly, and by a professional; otherwise, you will end up damaging the regrowth of your hair (which is in between your attachment of the extensions and the root area). It is important for you to look after this part of the hair in order for your natural hair to grow thick and strong.

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The highest quality hair extensions combined with Louise’s expert knowledge, application, blending and cutting skills make her one of the UK’s leading hair extension specialists.

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