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Looking for the hottest hair extension trends for 2022?

Looking for the hottest hair extension trends for 2022? Maybe you want to start the New Year with a brand new you (hair do)? While short hairstyles come in and out of style, long hair never goes out of fashion. (Not to mention, a lot of people tend to chop all their hair off and instantly regret it or get bored of their short hair or new bob quite quickly.)

With hair extensions, as one of the most in-demand and convenient choices for transforming any hairstyle, come the biggest hair extension trends for 2022. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the hottest hairstyle trends in 2022 require long hair, so with tape extensions, you will easily nail them. These are the biggest hair extension trends for 202you need to know about…

Straight & Sleek

Time to dust your straighteners off because they’re about to see a lot more action. The naughties are back for 2022, with a hair trend focused on super straight and sleek, shiny hair. Louise says: “If you’ve been dying to try out a super-long straight hairstyle, this is the year to do it!”

(Extra) Long Lengths

Another big trend for clients will be long hair extensions. “We’re getting a lot of requests in our hair extensions specialist salon Beauty Club London for long hair extensions.

“Clients usually ask for hair extension lengths ranging rom 18 to 25 inches long (basically hair that hits somewhere between your chest and waist) but since we introduced 30 inch hair extensions and fitted them on the likes of Jemma Lucy and Chloe Khan, girls are wanting extra-long length hair.”

Since hair only grows half an inch-ish a month, the best way to get long length hair easily in 2022 is book your appointment with Hair Extension London specialist Louise Bailey now.

Layered Hair

The 90s nostalgia doesn’t stop at straight hair – layers are back in for 2022. According to Louise, 2022 will not only be about the extra-long inches but also more about layered long-length hairstyles. “Hair will still be nice and thick, though, with lots of layers shown off by a blowout and heavy side parting,” says Louise.

If you’re an existing client and already have the best hair extensions and want to try something different for the new year, ask to have some choppy layers added in to your length to add shags and texture.

Beach Waves

One of the looks that never go out of style is the beach waves. The soft and interesting waves are an option that you can wear throughout the entire year but they’re especially popular in the summer months. Styling beach waves at home is much simpler with hair extensions as they mermaid waves stay in untacked for quite some time.

“At Beauty Club London, myself and Moe Harb are seeing a lot of clients opt for tape extensions in lighter colours to add to the texture of the hair and define the beach wave hairstyles without using hair colour,” says Louise.

Bouncy Blow Drys

For a while now, we’ve favoured low-maintenance hairstyles which appear artfully undone and effortless, but since the pandemic forced us to stay in, 2022 is all about going out – with a big blowout. “With 2022 comes the return of the big bouncy blow dry,” says Louise.

Great for every hair type, a bouncy blow dry can transform your look in under 20 minutes, allowing you to achieve a texture that’s near impossible with air or natural drying alone. A salon blow dry uses a hairdryer to apply hot air to damp hair, which leaves waves it soft, sleek and frizz-free. Book for the best blow dry in London for hair extensions at Beauty Club London now.

Big Curls

Whether you have naturally curly hair or not, that’s never going to be an issue when you have the best extensions as they’ll mimic and blend with your natural hair. The new trend of 2022 puts big curls as a forefront look and choice for long hair extensions. Vivid, bold, and seductive, the curls fall from everywhere, making the hair look big and voluminous, without showing off your extensions.

Baby Braids

Follow in the hair steps of Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber with baby braids this summer. “Baby braids are perfect for that boho look or festival hair vibe,” says Louise.

“Full-on braids don’t always look good on everyone. But small baby braids at the front to frame the face suits any hair texture, length or style and can be worn in different ways depending on how you style them.”

Pair baby braids with straight hair extensions, wavy hair extensions, or even more braids this summer of 2022.

The 70's Treatment

You don’t have to have a bob or bangs to work the ’70s trend. This year, long hairstyles have got given the ’70s treatment, with layered shags, choppy fringes and wild curls becoming ever-more popular. That rock ‘n’ roll finish isn’t going away – why not have a fringe cut in if you’re wild enough?

Achieving any of these hair extension trends and 2022 looks is achievable with either tape extensions or clip-in extensions. Book your free consultation now and never look back at 2022…

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