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Thinning hair is minor to moderate hair loss and affects a number of women of all ages, and can be particularly bad as we get older. Hair Extensions expert Louise Bailey uses extremely fine natural-looking tape extensions to add volume and hide areas of thinning. Below, Louise answers your hair thinning questions and explains how you can manage hair loss (and actually make your hair thicker) with the right colourist and the best hair extensions.

Can You Have Hair Extensions With Thinning Hair?

“A lot of clients come to me and ask if they can have hair extensions on thinning hair and the answer is, of course you can!”, says Louise. “We get a lot of menopausal women come in as their hair starts to thin. We fill out their thinning hair with extensions and make them feel amazing again.”

“We also get women that come to us of all ages that have had heavy bleach damage or the hair has just been over processed with too much colour and the hair keeps breaking and doesn’t seem to grow.

We fill the gaps and create the colour with extensions as when the hair is burned from colour, we don’t want to damage it even more. We get them on a healthy hair colour routine and hair rehabilitation programme allowing the hair to have rest while still looking thick shinny and groomed.

To get your hair in good condition while using extensions you have to make sure your colour process is not damaging the natural hair. Louise works with London colour-expert Moe Harb and recommends making sure you have a full team on board to make sure both the hair extension and colour service protects the natural hair.

It is important to consider how much weight and tension is placed on your natural hair by hair extensions so getting an expert to apply them is equally as important as your colourist.

If you have fine hair, extensions give you thicker fuller-looking volume but you need extensions that will have little to no damage to the natural hair or the condition could worsen.

Louise and Moe work out of Beauty Club London in Oxford Circus, which specialises in hair colour and hair extensions for thinning hair.

What's The Best Hair Extension Method For Thinning Hair?

The best hair extensions for thin hair depends on the client’s needs, but generally tape extensions are the best type of extensions for fine hair. Their flat attachment point offers a natural look that is easily blended in even the thinnest of hairs. The tape hair extension method is incredibly gentle on your natural hair to avoid any further thinning or damage. In fact, tape extensions can even help your existing hair grow healthier and stronger over time, as the extensions will act as a barrier to protect it.

Tape-in extensions are the safest extensions you can get and won’t cause any damage to your own hair as long as you take care of them and brush gently at your root. Tape hair extensions can even help with hair growth if applied by a hair extensions expert. A good set of tape extensions do not damage your natural hair but this depends on who is applying them, the hair extensions brand, and the type of tape used. There are many cheap hair extensions on the market that initially damaged the reputation of tapes when they first came out. If you choose a reputable salon, brand and specialist, tape hair extensions will not cause any damage to your natural hair.

Why Is My Hair So Thin After Extensions?

Sometimes, hair feels thin after extensions simply due to taking them out. You’ve got used to having thicker hair with the extensions in and acclimated to the way it looks and feels. So now you’ve had your hair extensions removed, you’re left with thinner hair again. A lot of new clients think they’ve lost a lot of natural hair when the extensions have been removed but this is just the hair we naturally shed coming out as the extensions are.

If you’ve had chemotherapy, suffer from alopecia, or trichotillomania, there’s a hair loss recovery process for you. For more information on hair loss and thinning hair, visit Louise’s dedicated page on hair extensions for hair loss and thinning hair or contact her for a free consultation.

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